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我們都有「平庸之惡」嗎? –漢娜·鄂蘭的哲學



日期:10/31 (星期六 )  19:00 – 20:00



What is the “banality of evil”? How can the political philosophy of Hannah Arendt and her “banality of evil” affect us under today’s social context?

We have invited two philosophy graduates to share and discuss with us Arendt’s philosophical thought, allowing us to examine our time in the perspective of her philosophy.

Date:10/31 ( Sat)  19:00 – 20:00

Venue:Pin-to Livros & Musica

Guest:Ball Lei (Master of Philosophy from Tsinghua University),Ebenzer Ho (Bachelor of Philosophy, Soochow University)

#Conducted in Cantonese



日期:11/01 (星期日)  19:00 – 20:00



Talking about Fassbinder’s films is always inseparable from his experience in theatre, we also love to talk about the style of theatre aesthetics in his films. What is the original relationship between film and theater? How did Fassbinder’s theater experience affect his films? What is the theatre aesthetics of his films?

Date:11/01  (Sun)  19:00 – 20:00

Venue:Pin-to Livros & Musica

Guest:Lawrence (Theatre Critic)

#Conducted in Cantonese

《希特拉偷走我的粉紅兔 》作者 Judith Kerr 的童書世界

知名童書作家 Judith Kerr 愛把自身經歷寫成童書和繪本,除了自傳小說《希特拉偷走我的粉紅兔 》外,她更創作了不少受家人孩子啟發的小故事,深受歐洲孩子的歡迎,她的作品風格簡潔卻溫馨感人,藉這次分享會,將向小孩子分享她最著名的兩本繪本《老虎來喝下午茶》》和《小貓莫格》。

日期:11/2  (星期一)  15:00 – 16:00

地點:井井三一 繪本書屋





The famous children’s book writer Judith Kerr, loves to write her own experiences into children’s books. In addition to the autobiographical novel “Hitler Stole My Pink Rabbit”, she alsox created many stories inspired by her family and her children, which are very popular with Europe. Her work style is simple but warm and touching. Through this talk, she will share her two most famous books “The Tiger Who Came to Teal” and “Mog the forgetful cat” . Welcome children to come.

Date:11/2  ( Mon)  15:00 – 16:00

Venue:Júbilo 31 Books

Guest:Wendy Wong

Quota: 6 pairs (1 kid + 1 adult)

Wendy Wong

Graduated from the Major of English Communication, Wendy is a freelance writer, theatre critic and embroiderer. She was the manager of a children bookstore.  She likes to understand the world through images and films, from between theatre and cinema.

#Conducted in Cantonese

溫德斯的文學 — Peter Handke 與 Wim Wenders

「以獨創性的語言探索人性的廣度與特殊」,這是2019年諾貝爾文學獎得主彼得.漢德克(Peter Handk)獲得榮譽。漢德克是德國當代中很重要的作家和劇作者,也是溫德斯四部電影的編劇:《柏林蒼穹下》,《守門員的焦慮》,《歧路》及《戀夏絮語》。本地作家袁紹珊將與大家分享漢德克與溫德斯之間的創作及影響。

Handke is an important writer and playwright in Germany, and also the screenwriter of four Winders films: “Wings of Desire”, “The Goalkeeper’s Fear of the Penalty”, “The Wrong Move”and “The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez”. Local writer Susanna will share with us about the creation and influence between Handke and Wenders.

日期:11/07 (星期六 )  19:00 – 20:00

地點:邊度有書 Pin-to Livros & Musica



Date:11/07 (Sat)  19:00 – 20:00

Venue:Pin-to Livros & Musica

Guest:Susanna Un

Susanna Un, Macau poet and writer, graduated from Chinese and Art from Peking University, Master of East Asian and Asia-Pacific Studies, University of Toronto. He has won many Chinese and foreign literary awards. Her works are scattered in the publications of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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